** MURRAY WATCH is a 24 hour 7 day a week contact point where concerned citizens
can report offences/incidents/areas of concern which they have witnessed occurring
along the river, lakes and environs.

MURRAY WATCH is stopping people from doing wrong in and around the river system.
As users of the river become aware they are being watched, Murray Watch acts as
a deterrent rather than as a policing action.

A telephone call is made to MURRAY WATCHtelephone number 8531 0710, details are
taken down and are relayed immediately to the appropriate government departments.
The person making the call may be asked to make a follow up statement so legal
action can be taken if necessary.

Government departments involved in Murray Watch, and possible offences that may
 require immediate action are:

  • Police
    Vandalism, theft, disorderly behaviour, marijuana crops
  • Department of Transport (Marine Safety)
    Boating safety, misbehaviour on the river
  • S.A. Water
    Release of toxic substance, discharge of effluent into river
  • National Parks and Wildlife
    Shooting, Tree felling, littering, taking of firewood
  • Lands Department
    Trail bikes, illegal fires
  • Primary Industries
    Illegal nets, fishing equipment theft, taking of protectedor undersized fish
  • Council
    Dog control/reserves damage


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DTEI Murray River Hazards, Water Levels etc

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Murray Watch is a member of the Murray Darling Association

Murray Watch

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